How to fix GAB Errors Tutorial

By GG142, published 2 months ago

How to defeat those errors

We're not perfect, and neither is GAB. Everyone makes mistakes, and our mistakes are often translated to errors and warns in your console. Most errors are expected, you probably messed up somewhere with setting your GAB up, and we can't automatically fix it. Some errors however, are unexpected or unknown. Here's a three step plan to handle most of them:

Know your enemy, read the error!

Errors often contain useful information that can direct you to the problem, especially if it's an expected error.

Most errors are known and expected, these type of errors signal that GAB has found an issue with your Configuration or Environment and that it's best not to continue in this way. What does all this hacky talk mean? You've probably messed up somewhere, and the error message should give you a pretty good idea of where.

Don't make someone else's mistake.

Some errors are known but unexpected, these errors are not expected if you followed all…


GAwesomeBot 4.1 in 2018 Announcement

By GG142, published 6 months ago

2018 for GAwesomeBot

Hello GAwesomeUsers, welcome to the new year! In 2017, we've done a whole lot, and we're only planning on doing more! Let's talk about that for a little,

What the heck have we been doing?

The goal that we set ourselves mid-2017 was very clear; make GAB fast, stable; usable. We've been doing nothing but that, so, why has it been taking so long? Well, it's complicated, but the current GAwesomeBot simply wasn't build to handle the load and amazing support that we've been receiving. GAB is an ambitious project, it has a lot of functionality mushed into a as self-hoster-friendly environment as possible. We want people to set up our code in minutes, on any computer or server of any tier, and then immediatly be able to reach for the stars. From people who plan on using GAB specificly modded for their community, or those who want to build unto our GAB and spread it to as many servers as possible; it needs to be el…